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le pire
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I know you guys have all heard about it, (if not

what I want to know is who's gonna be there.

This is one of the best opportunities you will have to work on your show with pros in a NON-THREATENING, ego-less environment. I've attended the past two years and here's what I've gained:

new material for my show
new ideas for the future of my show
re-tooling the "tired" parts of my show
quality video footage of my show
meeting some of my "idols" and getting drunk with them
new friends

If you're going, speak up! If you're considering it, DO IT! If you haven't considered it... THINK AGAIN!

The IJA convention and magician workshops focus on WHAT you do.
MotionFest focuses on HOW you do it. This is the place to develop your own personal talents and nurture your creativity.

I hope to see you at MotionFest,

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Rich Potter
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Am I going to MotionFest?




(er, maybe without the "fucking" part, but your mileage may vary)

(now with NO diamonds)

(er, and no spiders up the bum)

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Rich Potter
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Keith Eveslage
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I will be at motionfest as well. I attended the first east coast and the first west coast, so this will be my third. In addition to performance techniques and critiques, there are small business, marketing, legal etc. lectures by experts. These are things a lot of performers (well, me at least) neglect the importance of. You won't have time to work on seven balls or the classic force, but bring your notebook. I hope to see you there.

p.s. IMHO the east coast critique sessions were more friendly. Some bad jokes, snide comments and ugly remarks were said during the west coast critiques. As funny as some of them were, I think they were out of place and inappropriate in what should be, as la pire says "NON-THREATENING, ego-less environment."

"If you're considering it, DO IT! If you haven't considered it... THINK AGAIN!" See you there, etienne.

The Keith Show!
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To say that motionfest has given me a clue, is a total understatement. the critiques, just helped me face the reality of my situation, and motivated me in a way I didn't think possible! Can't wait to get another reality check and another heavy dose of inspiration. Wahoo! see ya there
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Tom B
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Getting excited....or have been excited sense I registered in July. Its interesting that one of the instructors(Gene Anderson), I met last year on New Years. My show immedetly followed his at the same venue. Thats a venue in Northern Michigan. It really is a small world.
Tom B
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