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Your Host
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Default MOTIONFEST 2001 - Baltimore, MD

Well, I just returned from Motionfest and I had to start a new topic. Motionfest was great. I had heard stories about last year's event and many positive comments, but I really had no idea what to expect.... after four days of intensive learning, I'm pretty blown away.

The instructors were top notch, the participants were eager and supportive and the organizers and volunteers seemed to do everything they could to help when needed.

I'm sure this thread will grow with several comments, so I'll keep this post brief and add more later.

I basically just want to shout out a big THANK YOU to Mike Rosman, Robert Strong, Wil (Bill) Allyn, and everyone else who had a hand in organizing and producing a wonderful event.

I'm going to spend today organizing my notes and attempt to contemplate all the amazing ideas jammed into my head. I feel totally satiated and I have to let it all out before I can start functioning normally again.

But before I get to my notes, I'm off to buy a stopwatch!

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Mr.Taxi Trix
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Ditto. Fantastic time.
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This was my first MotionFest and I have to say it was an amazing experience.

It will take weeks (at least) to digest everything I learned there. The information and experiences from the workshops, lectures and critique sessions will be beneficial enough, but the lessons I learned about myself, my outlook, and the ways I work will be invaluable.

It was also really nice to meet so many of the people that I only know as names on this BB (Jim, Martin, Peter Panic, Brian Wilson, and others whom I'm sure I'm forgetting in the haze), as well as catching up with friends and acquaintances like Peter Gross, Robert Nelson, and Hilby. And since I feel less like an anonymous member of this group, I'll be logging in under my actual name, instead of GianDeau from know on.

Ditto, Jim, on the thank you's to everyone involved in putting this together. I'm already looking forward to next year.


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I am awake! After days of self inflicted sleep deprivation I am beginning come back to life. I want to thank all who came, and apologize to all who I abused. Also would like to apologize to all who have incurred sensory overload, it was hard to pack that much into four days, but we did, and you did it, thanx for everything, wil.
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MotionFest West is January 3-6, 2002 in San Francisco. Check out the website to see a list of instructors.

Robert Strong
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martin ewen
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Easily the best investment you could make carreer-wise.
You get to hang out (in a very intense fashion) with a great cross-section of talent. You will surely find someone of your own performance persuasion, either teaching or participating and the generiousity of spirit as idiocyncratic loners and rebels gather to teach, be taught, showcase new work, mix and mingle, hob-nob, fritter, critique ( in a firm but kind manner, astonishing) and just generally come in from the cold, is a credit to the performers who give of themselves to organise it.
The classes are varied, instructive and in some cases a chance to revisit a buzz that first got you into the business.
The nightime critique's are a mixed bag of output squeezed through a serious filter of support and suggestion. (I saw the funniest short piece I'd ever seen one night-I'll live off it for months in my heart)
Lets face it-I'm an asshole, good for nothing more than scaring the shit out of unsuspecting public and as such could not trust myself to add to the critique sessions with my opinions which in some cases amounted to "have you ever considered alternative employment?"
But I was awed by the support afforded everyone and anyone who dared to showcase their material. (and tellingly I did not) Comments were always constructive and non-judgemental, encouraging and accepting.
The teachers put on a public night of entertainment which showed ,in practice, elements of the daytime classes.
Overall I'd recommend it to any performer but more especially the emerging performers who in a couple of well spent days could learn more and make more important contacts for later application than any other investment they could imagine.
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Drew Richardson
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Iím just beginning to catch up on sleep and notes after Motionfest (which was immediately followed by buying a house, packing and moving--not to mention gigs).

This was my second year at Motionfest and I feel like I got even more out of it the second time around. Iím definitely glad I decided to showcase new material for critique this year.

I also would recommend Motionfest to all performers--and especially to more experienced performers who might be stuck, who want to improve (creatively and career wise), who are open and willing to learn and challenge themselves and reimmerse themselves in both the basics and the advanced lessons of performing.

The late Carlo Mazzone-Clementi called his exercises showers--you donít just take a shower and say, ďOkay, Iíve taken a shower, now I never have to do that again!Ē
Motionfest let us get cleaned up a little bit after stinking for so long.

Two questions Iím asking myself to help organize as I go through my notes:
What ideas, images, concepts, and exercises struck a loud bell inside me when I encountered them?
What common threads wound their way through the different workshops and lectures?

It was great to meet or re-meet people (Hello to Martin, Jim, Peter, both Roberts, Stephon, Will, Mike, Rich, etc.). I wish we had had another week just for socializing.

Iím now trying to figure out if I can afford to go to Motionfest West.

Drew Richardson (dramatic fool)
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