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Spinners' Wacky World of Tops
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Smile Mr.Nelson & motionfest

I'm hoping to go to Reno and I'm concerned about how the critique sessions would work.I,m very prop heavy(a truck full)so I'm thinkin the only way for me to be critiqued would be by way of a tape.would that be acceptable?
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Philip D.
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Hello, my name is Phil and I am one of the MotionFest Coordinators. We have reviewed tapes in the past during a critique session. We will have the ability to project your work and anything else that may be needed. Obviously a live performance would elicit more accurate feedback, however, the session will run just the same. After review of your tape, try to keep it no longer than 7 minutes, we will offer comments and such. We may choose to rewind to a certain part as well. So feel free to come with a video to revue. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an email at

Philip DePalo, MS, NREMTP
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