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Philip D.
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Default MotionFest only one month away!!! Check it out

Hey all...less than ONE MONTH!

MotionFest East 2002--Nov 6-10, in Baltimore

1------If you are planning to attend, and have not registered online, please do so immediately. We need to know how many people are planning to attend and which MotionFest activites you are interested in.

2-----Airfares---Huge sales going on now! Don't believe me, check out the cost of flights from your town to BWI (Baltimore Washington Intl.) People are flying coast to coast for less than $200. These fares won't last long.

3------Steve Ragatz, 6 year veteran of Cirque du Soleil, has been added for two 90 minute afternoon workshops.

4------Don Rieder has been brought in to replace Rene Bazinet who has taken a gig in Germany. If you signed up for any of Rene's workshop's, you have been put into Don's schedule. Since the very first MotionFest, people had been telling us that Don was the teacher they most wanted us to provide so getting him was a real coup for us. If you wish to change your choices for the workshops, you may do so by sending us an email with the subject: "workshop changes" and your last name.

Goto Http:// for all the details.

Interested in being in a movie? 'The Clown' a film starring Tim Roth, Samantha Morton,
Sylvie Testude, and Philippe Petit will be auditioning acts Oct 26th in SF, or you can send a video. Call Rhonda 818-822-9412 for info on either process. There will be approx. 12 weeks of work beginning in the spring of 2003. They need clowns and other circus acts.

If you are unfamiliar with MotionFest, here is the basics:

MotionFest is a conference for high level variety performers. We don't teach tricks, we make you a better performer.

Our workshop leaders include teachers/performers such as

Gene Anderson- Magician, Speaker and Lecturer Extraordinaire
Tom Casciero- Professor of voice and drama
Tom Dougherty- Star Clown Big Apple Circus/ Instructor: RBBB Clown College
Fred Garbo- Physical Comedian/ Founder of Inflatable Theatre Co.
Laura Herts- Paris based character clown
Scott Meltzer- Comedy Writer Authority and Entertainer
The Jokesters - Performers and professors of makeup application
Robert Nelson -aka The Butterfly Man, street performer emeritus
Steven Ragatz - 6 year veteran of Cirque du Soleil
Don Rieder - Internationally known clown, master teacher and director
Joan Schirle- An artistic Director at Dell' Arte School of Physical Theatre
Liebe Wetzel- Innovative Puppeteer

We have entertainment lawyers, accoutants, insurance professionals, sound system experts, videographers, photographers, and agents coming as well.

We have Street Performing at Harborplace available

We have video shoot opportunities

We have local shows and scholarships available to help starving artists

We can help arrange rides for out of towners to get here and cheap places to sleep if necessary

We have critique sessions that are invaluable for helping you improve any routine.

We have healthy 'carry out' and T-Shirts
Philip DePalo, MS, NREMTP
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Butterfly Man
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I was discussing with Michael a possible idea for a workshop wherein I help direct a performer using only his videotape (unedited, of course). It was suggested (by a 3rd party) this might be too painful for the artist if done publicly. I thought it a valid and insightful observation, but I also feel I'm up to the task ... here's what I answered:

"I believe I have found a method whereby I can help (any and all types of variety) performers to their next step using a "story telling" method and yes, while the homework may be painful (I wouldn't be privy to that initially) the first 60 minutes involves asking questions of the act as to 'what they are looking for' and viewing the act with an outside eye ... not unlike what we do in the evening critique sessions.
It is the preparation for the process that would be covered ... more painful for me than the artist."

Added note:
By the way, this process can help a street performer as well, though it is designed with a stage performance in mind.
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