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Philip D.
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Post MotionFest News

[img]confused.gif[/img] This post lists some pertinent notes, some unsollicited testimonials, a gig offer, and some ramblings [img]confused.gif[/img]

"My shows are better than ever, My fees are higher than ever, Agents are calling more than ever!
I never could have done it without motionfest!!! See you next year!"

Bill Kerwood, Magician, Wilmington

"Motionfest was fabulous! Thanks for all of your effort in putting this togther.
it was definately worth it!"

Brian Wilson, Performer, Entertainment Consultant, Writer, Cowguy

"Just a short (sleepy) note to say again how much I/we loved the
Fest...learned a ton, reconnected with a lot of ol pals, made a bunch of
new ones and came away with renewed enthusiasm for this crazy career!"

Robert Peck, Performer/SpeakerNorthfield, MA

"Like many busy professional entertainers,
my partner and I have a hard time finding the time
to further our professional development. In a stimulating,
fun, and highly beneficial creative environment, MotionFest
provided us with that essential artistic spark. We were able
to study many aspects of our art form with other like-minded
movement and variety artists, and we emerged enriched
and energized...
Nick Newlin and Joanne Flynn/ The NicoloWhimsey Show
Brandywine, Maryland

from a published review by Robert Nelson

...Theatre, voice technique, comedy writing, mask, make-up and movement
training sessions were offered alongside marketing, accounting & legalistic
(e.g., copyright, insurance) seminars. All in all, it was
an unbelievable across the board complement of issues that face the variety
performance artist nowadays.
In the evenings, after all the workshops and seminars were completed, a
rather unique forum was offered. Here a performer, if they chose to, could
exhibit a "work-in-progress" piece for a critique by the congregation at
large. Students and teachers alike offered their input on the presentations.
Remarkably, this turned out to be, in my opinion, the singular most powerful
and constructive experience offered at the festival...I must say that I have never been involved with any entity that offered, gave and ultimately proved to be such a productive venture for
the performing community.

Regarding MotionFest West 2003

There is still time to get into the workshops you most want to take. Because of class size, and the collection of teachers and talent we are expecting, This may be the best and most valuable MotionFest yet.

We now have both Rapsyni Brothers teaching workshops. Dan and Barry are
teaching a workshop on "Partners." They will also be in the public show.

---- Dan Holzman and Scotty Meltzer are teaching a workshop on writing comedy
for variety acts.

-----Robert Nelson will be a turbo-director for six acts (three acts one day,
three acts another day). These acts need to sign up and contact Robert at
least two weeks in advance.

Info on these additions can be seen at

You are running out of time to get the really cheap flights. There are
great fare wars going on now.

A gig opportunity:
Brian McNelis is looking for a living statue to go to Tawain for Feb and March. Five 30 minute sets a day. Contact
if you are interested.

Misc. thoughts
Look for MotionFest having a greater presence on and if you don't visit that site often, you are missing out on tons of valuable info.

MotionFest is still evolving. We are continually challenging
our assumptions, to discover how to make MotionFest better, for the
attendees, as well as for us.

Options range from multiple MotionFests each year, to one every year, or even
every other year, to none at all.

We are framing this question in as large a context as possible. Our concerns
range from financial success to personal growth and satisfaction.

Each MotionFest has been a success. We are exploring options to keep
them fresh and exciting. (Our families are exploring options to keep them
less intrusive on the rest of our lives. :-) One idea is to offer an advanced
MotionFest, for MotionFest Alumae.

Realizing that we have limited time and resources, we are trying to optimize
our choices.
Philip DePalo, MS, NREMTP
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Butterfly Man
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I, personally feel, that you are the unsung hero of Motionfest.

Though you loom large in physical stature, you seem to disappear into the woodwork when it comes to recognition for your selfless hard work.

Even Todd Strong seem to get more pats on the head than you do.

So "Otsu kara sama deshita" as they say in Nippon.
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