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Michael Rosman
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Post Reno MotionFest Update

Internet access here is poor, but hopefully we can keep these updates coming. Right now John McDaniel, agent from Concepts West is speaking. So know one else is willing to leave to type messages now.

Last night a bubble performer,Sterling Johnson and killer yoyo routine by Spike McGuire were performed in the video shoot as well as a great set by Chris Davis (Renaissance Man)...also in the show ...Physical Clown Nick Blum started the show with a clever and well done silent piece and Mark Braun did some amazing spinning top tricks. The emcee was stand up Geechy Guy. It was a great show and with the loud audience and nice staging provided by Mark McGuire of Circus Circus, I know that the footage will be hot!

Next update later.

Saw 10 minutes of Kenny Raskin's physical comedy workshop... Guy Totaro seems to have a shoe fetish and Robert Neslon can be anal when it comes to getting sneakers to stay in line.
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Your Host
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If anyone has photos at MotionFest they'd like to post, just email them to me and I'll host them here.</a>

Looking forward to more updates!

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