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Post What is motionfest?

Hey eveybody,
What is motionfest? I tried going to the site but it doesnt work - so once again, what is motionfest?

sign the guestbook

I have new juggling clubs.
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There was recently a server change so the URL may act funky, but that link just worked for me.
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dave walbridge
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MotionFest is like a juggling or magic convention -- only instead of juggling for four days , or magicing, the performers gather to work on the details of entertaining -- character, clowning, costume, business and 100 other things. The basic premise is that you know your art ( variety, circus, vaudeville, yo-yo, street performing, other) what you need is work on presenting to an audience.

I've been twice -- both times were rich and full of ideas and breakthroughs, plus lots of neat people. But see the site for more info.

Worth it?

If you want to take your act to the next level.

David Walbridge
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