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Post Do Clothes Maketh The Man?

I think Busking is just as noble as acting in a Broadway Show. Harder, too! So it seems to me a Busker should never dress like a beggar. Even in the heat of summer, it's possible to add a little pizzazz to one's wardrobe. That helps to show the public you're professional, and helps increase your hats. Grunge - begone!

Sorry. I think I posted this in the wrong place. Kelly

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I couldn't agree more, I have been performing in 38 degrees before now and it didn't stop me making an effort, the trouble is , it's hard to keep clean if you work anywhere out-doors, especially if one is using fire equipment, however grunge is not the answer, wearing dark colours is, my advice is to have a predominently dark costume with one white garment e.g a scarf or T-shirt, handkerchief, etc ,it should be easy to have a few spare items of your bright coloured garment, for those periods when you don't have the means to wash them.
I wear a grey Italian suit ,with a white or orange shirt, if I can't wash the shirt for what ever reason I go buy one for a few quid, even a cheap shirt looks good under an expensive suit, the suit itself never looks grubby mainly because it's dark grey with a lycra anti-crease texture,
Mater Lee in New york wears all black martial arts outfit, it is always grubby ,but you can never tell, he could wear the same suit on stage.
when I see performers looking like they're homeless it saddens me, there's no need.

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Dress like a begger and you will get payed like a begger, dress like a performer and you my still get payed like a begger but at least you'll look good
I have 2 compleatly difrent COSTUMES that I perform in, and each has interchangable parts so if I trash some thing it can be removid or replaced.

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The adventure cont...
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Boy are you right James. When a performer look like the homeless people will cross the street to avoid them. Look like a professional and you will gater a crowd.

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