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santropez pete
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Scot busking songs

I`m putting together a list of busking
songs and I would like to know what songs
are played on the streets today.
Can any body help.
(Including songs in spanish)

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The Pretty Good
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when the saints go marching in...
And almost any Beatles song.
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Hey Santropez --

The quickest way to find out what people want to hear is ask them! When I first started busking the biggest single request I would get was for "Stairway to Heaven."
Now, I've got to tell you, when I was studying classical music some forty odd years ago (some of them very odd years indeed!) I didn't know who or what Led Zepelin was. So I went to my then 17-year-old son and asked him. "GIVE ME A BREAK" he exclaimed, "that was YOUR generation!"
"Give ME a break," I it was my kid that taught me "Stairway." This has, since, been one of my biggest hits, although I seldom do it unless it's requested.
Beyond that anything that an audience might recognize is fodder. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is recognized by people from the world over (it got a rise, and a nice tip, out of a non-English speaking cultural attache from mainland China a few years ago).
Gospel hymns such as "Amazing Grace" work well for me.
Just DO it! Your audience will tell you whether or not you've hit the mark!

Peter (the New Orleans GlassHarper) Bennett
The GlassHarper (I play glassical music)!
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