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Default Dura-Stilts For Sale

well, the title pretty much says it...i've got a pair of 42" (tallest height) dura-stilts for sale. you can see pictures and info at

the website sells the foot strap adapter set seperately, but these are included (why wouldn't they be?). all straps and pads are in great shape. the only thing i've added (although it makes NO difference in the construction of the stilt), is a set of safety bolts. basically, that just means i slip a bolt thru the hole just below the external sleeve, and secure it with a wing-nut. easy on, easy off...but they're just there if those adjuster bolts ever give way.

i'm in burlington, ontario, so shipping would be from there (buyer pays shipping of course). asking $250 CAN.

email me (fiveballs AT if you're interested and we'll work something out.
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