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New Zealand management


Just wondering if anyone works with a personal assistant or manager in any capacity. (booking gigs for you, doing the paperwork, etc...)

I'm interested to know how many people do this, and how the nuts and bolts of it work out... (fees, percentages, hours they work, trust etc...)

Any wisdom out there?


(feel free to email me personally if you'd prefer the whole world to hear how you run your bizzo)

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Sam X
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Hello Kim

I am currently with an agent called SGW International. The chap that runs it is a really nice guy. He always keeps me up to date well even then hes jetting off out of the country.

The typical rate agents charge is 20%. If you get an agent that is charging you less than that don't be too over the moon, it probably means the work you will get is of a lesser standard. If any are charging over 25% I would avoid them totally.

SGW International's top man is also a member of Equity so I personally know all will be above board.

If you can find an agent with Equity membership I would go with them. That way if there is any unfairness or internal dispute would be sorted out quickly and fairly.

I hope this has been of some help, if I can give any more advice please feel free to ask.
Sam 'X'
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