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dave walbridge
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Default Marketing ideas for MF?


I've been thinking about how to get the word out about MotionFest. Wha'ts are good ways to let people know? Advertising? Presence at other festivals? Postcard mailings?

Your ideas welcome,

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Arrow marketing

I like all those ideas...depending on the budget that you have you can do different things. Sending non-annoying emails out reminding people about Motion Fest, also word-of -mouth is what i think might draw the most people in. Reading a sign is one thing but when you can talk to someone about it and get questions answered, that really makes a difference. Post posters up, anything and everything.
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Steven Ragatz
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Send a well designed poster/flyer to university theater departments, community theater groups, art councils, etc., and keep cultivating the word-of-mouth sales people that have been to the event in the past. Contact the clowning associations, the IJA, mime schools - anywhere a sort of "variety" or "alternative" theater ensemble might congregate.

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le pire
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MotionFest (east) is in MD. Get in contact with The Actors Center located in northern Virginia (it's across the street from the pentagon). Get listed in their monthly newsletter, or better yet, submit an article. Get listed on their hotline. Talk to them about their email campaigns as well and get listed there.

I also recommend contacting "Backstage" newspaper in NYC ( and getting an article printed there. They have a HUGE circulation.

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Lightbulb BB's and DG's

I don't know how much time you have but there are so many easy to use message boards for performers. alone has hundreds. I am on no less than 5 sideshow based boards for that specific kind of performer, and about 6 for Burlesque. I say gather the masses and present an ad attack on the bb and dg front. I mentioned it on one of my sideshow boards and that has generated a bunch of interest in the East.

My .03 (for inflation )
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