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Dan Tastik
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Default Anyone had dealings with...

Fiction Factory Management in Malaysia?
Any ideas? Google tells me they don't exist. Can anyone contradict this?
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Default 3 questions

Whenever I'm contacted by an agency I haven't worked with before, I always ask them 3 questions:

1) How long have you been in business?
2) What other entertainers/acts have you worked with?
3) What is your website address?

If they don't give you verifiable answers for all 3 questions, they're probably not worth working with.
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Butterfly Man
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Scot possibly a 4th question

What is your fax #?

Rule of thumb:
if it's the same as their telephone # ... then don't bother.
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Default Try This

A search on Yahoo shows that Fiction Factory is a musical group from England. Half way down the webpage it lists some names under Management. See what you think.
The World On A String.
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Dan, Fiction Factory also asked us for promo. I sent it and have not heard anything but its worth sending right?
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