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Evan Young
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Send a message via AIM to Evan Young

BTW, I did not sign a model release. I will be paying for the shots.

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Butterfly Man
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Club thanks for dressing up

I like the one that shows the devilstick and just the faces of the kids all smiling with the lady in awe.
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martin ewen
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I'm touched by the shot of you gazing with a sort of deep reverence and satisfaction at the top of a balanced skateboard or snowboard or something, all alone in a public place. That particular shot to me says 'leave him alone he's harmless'

and in another there's two obvious wisearses sitting behind you sharing droll quips and cynical bon mots while they wait for their turn.
You do all the work while they slyly place themselves in the area of maximum spill-over attention. Just looking at them amping up their transparent narcissistic appetites while feigning worldweary indifference makes me want to kill.

I havn't seen your show yet evan but I have seen your photography, you take much better shots than this guy.
Select a shot that, when polished, says what you want to say and reconstruct it with someone under your direction, with your camera, and your selection of particular lens etc.
Find a friend with a drinking problem and do it round lunchtime. They are malleable and steady and take direction well and enjoy responsibilities.
I'm not available.
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Default It's 'photographer,' but you knew that.

The kid with the tropical shirt.

Caption: "You're five years old? I'm five years old, too!"
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