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I was on the road in Corpus Christi, Texas and went to a Parents Without Partners dance one Friday night I was dancing with one lady and we were getting along nicely when she asked me what I do for a living. I told her that I am a clown, magician and balloon artist. She walked off the floor and would not say a word to me again.

Yep I was a street performer that "begged for money rather than work for a living" at least according to her.

It's not just jugglers that get no respect.

Non Impediti Ratione Cogitationis
Unencumbered by the Thought Process.
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ha, you gotta care about that fellas.
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I love the up-the-sleeve flame on those torches
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Default Shhhh!! Not so loud, you'll make those jugglers waiting over there jealous!

All I can say is, thank God I'm not a juggler. Someone's gotta offer a little variety here, might as well be an escape artist.
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This past summer in Kingston, we (Craig, Dustin, maybe Scott and myself) were sitting on some steps outside the green room after a days work at the festival, it was about dusk. Anybody that knows us, knows what we look like after one show and after a day we smell like shit. This is probably because Craig tends to sweat, alot, I think he should seek a professional opinion as to why this is.

Anyway, just relaxing smoking when a nicely dressed woman of I would guess her mid-twentys aproaches us. She is curious if we have a place to sleep. We asumed she had watched us perform and was curious of the accoms so we told her that we were being put up in the residances and that they were actually quite nice. Looking suprised that we had shelter, she asked if we needed any food or anything to drink. Realizing this was not a pickup attempt, we assured her that we were infact not needy and that we would be fine. She walked away glancing back every few seconds looking like she felt bad that there was nothing more that she could do. We realized that she probably had know idea that there were any shows going on and in fact we also realized that we did look homeless. We then went into the green room and counted our hats.

I don't know if this story applys here or not but I like to tell it.
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le pire
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I went to Ringling Bros. Clown College the summer of 1996 down in Sarasota Florida. It was more like a boot camp, where instead of learning to kill russians for 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, we took pies in the face, spit water, learned how to trip and yuk it up like the best of them. There was a huge portrait of Lou Jacobs big ugly clown head hanging in the main entrance to greet us each morning. He wore an expression of delight and menace- exactly how I imagine Satan would appear as he greets the newly damned to an eternity of suffering and woe.

We were required to be in full make up at all times, which is not too pleasant in the Florida summer. If we had to go anywhere for lunch break or between classes, you were not allowed to take off your face or be seen in public in a sweaty t shirt and cut offs, so they gave us khaki cover-alls (long sleeved & trousered just to torture us).

At the time I had really long hair and it kept sticking out from under my wig, besides being really itchy and hot. My roommate Eddie was naturally bald and convinced me to just shave it all off. So that night we sat out in the clown college parking lot and shaved my head. A line formed and 27 (out of 34) more clowns shaved there heads, and two more shaved them the next day. So in all 28 men and one woman razored our scalps, and the other 5 had short hair already.

About a week later, the instructors had a "treat" for us: they had arrange for us to take a field trip to see "Pocahontas - On Ice!" which is produced by the same company as the circus. We weren't to be in "face," but we all had to wear our khaki cover alls.

We were taken to the arena in a beat up old school bus that someone must have rescued from a scrap yard. There was a large group of old ladies staring with terror at this group of 34 mostly men with shaved heads in khakis getting off an old bus.

One old lady crept forward and asked in a whisper "Are you all from the prison?"

"The worst kind, lady."

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Jester Clown Clones

I just had this image of thirty five people with orange shell suits, all with Ettienes insane irrepressible grin and everyone of them carrying a tuba poised to play........

Hollywood here I come, I'm the next Stephen King!
If an artist can't even dream of happy ending what chance have the politicians got of making one?

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Aaron Gregg
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Default Now the city is gouging us

Etienne, I'm surprised the woman didn't think you were in the military. When I was travellin in the Southern US, on a bicycle no less, as I result of short hair (but also big sideburns) I was frequently asked if I was in the military.

But onto another topic...

Well I feel I just got some disrespect from the city I live in. At the same time as they seem to respect the money I make they don't think they have to consult, or even inform me of what they're doing (see my post on Specific Pitches). A new management group has inhereited the real estate that includes our pitch and they have jacked the fees from $10 to $2000. I think it is disrespectful because they didn't mention this at their information meeting nor on their draft street performer contract - whereas tonnes of other stuff was dealt with, like now needing insurance.

It's my contention that if I was respected for what I put into my job and how seriously I take it they would have told me and asked me about the previous system we were under. I found out about the hike because a protrait artist overheard something about it in another meeting.

It's crazy, a coffee cart that is staffed by two people, open 12 hours a day, and takes up 80 square feet is being charged $3000 and I get a chance to share a spot with god knows how many other performers (and we are referred to in the rules as jugglers - this betrays their lack on info) for $2000. The coffee dudes get a lease on a piece of fine real estate and I get to stick a number in a hat. I know what Rodney Dangerfield was talkin' bout.

-Aaron Gregg
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