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Drew Richardson
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Default Zeke Peterhoff has free standing tightwire rigging for sale

Fwd from Zeke Peterhoff, contact info at end of message :
"Colleagues: I had this rig built custom by an iron worker 12 years ago
and it's a nice piece of equipment if you're working a small show that
could use a big act in a large space, indoors or out. Perfect if you
have rope walking experience on improvised setups or even better for
performers who have related equilibristic experience but no wire training
and 100 hours or so to invest in developing the skill.
The truth is that I'd love to hold on to it but my R & D over the last
and the next five years are locked into "Peterhoff's - Your Uncle Sam"
rather then anything like a small circus or variety show even though I'm
sure there is profit to be made off a low wire act at corporate picnics
and such. Sam has my practices tied up with wide spread musical drills
and the fresher skill to me of ol' time tap dance and I have not touched
the wire since 1999. Besides that it bothers me to hold on to a large
piece of equipment that I'm neither using or marketing, I am also paying
for a space where it is up to work on yet never visit.
It's a cast iron A-frame 10 feet wide and the wire is also at 10 feet
from the ground. There is no additional support involved or required,
it's completely free standing and easily functions as a practice wire if
you set up a platform underneath the wire as I have. Breaks down and
sets up very very easily and I've transported it in a full sized station
wagon without difficulty. The materials can weather a semipermanent
backyard setup or be assembled anyplace with a 20 foot clearance indoors.
This thing is a money maker but My Muse is morphing me insistently into
America's principle archetype and you can't argue with women. Two years
ago I purchased a very small row house with no yard to speak of and this
rig, along with the ongoing cost of storing it, is becoming my personal
albatross. If I were to hold on to it, it would be dormant through the
rest of the decade and, although that is tempting because I'd get back to
it, it would not be prudent so I'm going against my natural form and
trying to be prudent.
I figure $3,000 to be a fair price which a couple of the right gigs
would easily cover if you can market it. The buyer would have to come to
Philadelphia to get or see it and that would be nice too 'cause we could
have a juggle and some lunch.
If you're interested, ring me up (215 - 425- 8209) or write If you know anyone who might be able to make use
of this equipment, please forward this missage. Thanks and best to
yourself and the community at large.
Sincerely In Jest & In All Things ..... Zeke"
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Hiya, do you still have tightwire? I wish you were in the same country as I am! I'm looking out for a new rig but I don't think it would be very easy to ship somehow! How small can you make it?!
Otherwise do you know where I can get 10-12mm braided wire rope?
'What if I should fall right through the
centre of the Earth and come out the other
side where people walk up-side-down?!'
--Alice in Wonderland
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le pire
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You can vey easily make your own tightwire for practice purposes:

you need:

two SOLID trees that are 10 - 20 feet apart

a 'come-along' or winch that you can find in hardware / auto supply stores ususally around $40 (US)

15-20 feet of 3/4" braided cable that has an eyelet on one end. Usually available at machinery shops, or cable / construction stores. about $80-$100 (us)

a 4' steel cable 'sling' that has an eyelet on each end. Available from the same construction store. $35-$40 (US)

4 or 5 U-bolts (also available at the construction store), $4 (US) each

(see attached)
basically you put the sling around a tree and attach the come along to the sling. Attach the other hook of the come-along to the eyelet of the main steel cable. Loop the other end of the calbe around the other tree and put on the U-Bolts. tighten it up with the come along and start walking!!!

This is a Mike Rosman design, so saftey is not guaranteed.
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Default gav

Alice, are you in Australia? If so, just look in the yellow pages under rigging services and supplies, and you should find everything you need. I know there's a company called sling rig, but they could just be in W.A.
le pire, gave you a good example of a basic practise rig, the only thing I would do differently is replace the cable slings with rated nylon slings. They're pretty much standard in Australia now for all rigging purposes and are a lot nicer on the trees !!
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Thanks guys!
I need to find a freestanding one that doesn't need trees as there were really bad bushfires in my area year before last and there is not a tree to be found! (there were only three houses left standing in my street)
: (
I have a TINY practice rig in my garden that is only 2 metres long, and it isn't really long enough to do cartwheels or anything good.
Anyways, I might look at putting together a little rig like you were sugesting, would be great for festivals!
'What if I should fall right through the
centre of the Earth and come out the other
side where people walk up-side-down?!'
--Alice in Wonderland
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