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Mr.Taxi Trix
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Sorry to drive the reality train, but you are up against some of the best acts in the biz at FH, and from your posts, you sound new to the game, with, albeit, some part time chops, and this one bit that really works. Play Harvard Square, there are no knife regs there, as far as I know, and only a permit to buy. Do the audition, by all means, but take time to develop the act, too.

Get a drummer. Get a drummer and a scantily clad dancer. Get a drummer, a scantily clad dancer, and a romantic interest. Get a drummer, a scantily clad dancer, a romantic interest, a conflict, two plot twists, and about five years of full time experience. That'll cinch it.

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le pire
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Ah the paradox of performing... you want everyone to see "you" and the reason people watch a performer is because they want to see themselves. We're all egomaniacs...

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You know I hear alot about people performing at Harvard Square but whenever I go there I never see anyone doing it - granted I dont go to the city that much - but still - I never see anyone... and Ive walked around there a bit where do people actually perform - the only spot I could see as reasonable would be right as people come up from teh subway at the sort of center island thing.... Big Show tomorrow

I have new juggling clubs.
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Dont keep on talking about it , do it . You will probably never know what the `people see in your show . What you have to see , is people enjoying your show , or leaving in droves . All this audition nonsence .
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Mark Wessels
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I couldn't agree with you more. Get out there. It's ok to do shitty street shows. Hell it's necesary to do shitty street shows. You learn REAL quick out there. If you keep at it you might even get good. That's what we're banking on I guess. I'm sure I'll see you out there. (I'm the rooky without a crowd.) Struggle. You'll love it

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