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Default Beatboxer Entertainment, check for your area, captivating shows

Beatboxer Entertainment Presents:

Volectrix 2005

Volectrix 2005 is a concept created by Kid Lucky. Vocalists have been experimenting with effects processors for years. This tour is an avant garde, hip hop, vocal soundscape which will leave the audiences on the edge of their seats. Beatboxers take it to the next level by bringing human beatboxing into the world of effects. If you thought beatboxers made amazing effects naturally with the voice, you should hear what they do with effect processors and effect pedals! Kid Lucky, Joshua Silverstein, Each, Kid Beyond, Kmillion, Fogatron and Nicoluminous Guarantee to make the audience jump out of their seat!

San Francisco feat. human beatboxers Kid Lucky, Kid Beyond and Each video mixed by ESP

June 7th

Studio Z 314 11th street

Admission 10.00

June 11th

111 Minna Gallery 111 Minna

Admission 10.00

Los Angeles featuring human beatboxers Kid Lucky, Kmillion, Joshua Silverstein, Eachbox and live video mixed by Nathan Janos

Saturday June 18 Temple Bar

1026 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica

Appeances by SLICK RICK, and DOUG.E FRESH

Portland, Oregon feat. Kid Lucky, Fogatron and Nicoluminous

June 24th

Berbattii’s Pan 231SW Ankeny St.

Admission 10.00

(I will be making the Bands of the 5th Element show.)


Bands of the 5th Element
hosted by Beatboxer Entertainment

Friday, May.27/2005

Don Hill's 511 Greenwich St. at Spring St. New York City

Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm

Price $15.00

Bands of the 5th Element showcases bands made up of Beatboxers and other musicians. Produced by Beatboxer Entertainment.

Showcases human beatboxing masters :
Kid Lucky, Baba Isreal, Yako, Taylor McFerrin, Rahj and Semerock will be highlighted with their groups: Rahj, Citizen, and The Kid (Kid Lucky)
Open Thought (Baba Isreal and Yako), The Cell Theory (Taylor McFerrin) and Green Acres (Semerock)

For more info contact Terry Lewis at 718-484-7856 or email


Keep the smoke rollin!
Keep the beats pumpin!

don''t let the HEAT out the COLD

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