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Default an agent is an agent is an agent...

I tend to be from the camp that believes most agents are evil with a few exceptions. What is it that makes a good agent not evil? What do you expect from an agent as a minimum? What would you like to see in a "dream agent"?

Personally, most agents I have become familiar with tend to have a general lack of morality/honesty. I would like to see an agent that lets every person involved know how much money is involoved and who is getting what.

What do you think?
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Default Show me the money!

What do I expect from an agent?
1) gigs
2)an acceptable paycheck
3) timely payment, i.e. within 4-6 weeks, hopefully less.

Of course the agent will make money on the deal; how much is not really my concern. To my knowledge it is typically in the 15-25% range. could be different for variety acts (I do music).
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