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Lee Nelson
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Default dan nimmo

anyone seen this boy
its been a while and hes not answering emails
maybe he just hates us
Heard a rumour he was in Toronto, then India, then Sydney
Im just confused
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Scot Free
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I can verify some rumors for ya, allison and I were in southern India last winter in a small beach village. We had just rented motorcycles and were about to take off to northern Goa when Dan came strolling up the dirt road. over a billion people and we just run into him! we spent the next couple of months travelling. we tried to get him to come down from the monkey temple in Hampi, where he wanted to stay and persue the life of a Bubba.
he wouldn't leave. That was the last we saw of him, happy with his banglassi and tali.
Apparently Dan has given up the spiritual life for the persuit of material gain as he is now back here in Toronto (why else would anyone come here)
we are mounting a show together at the new Zero Gravity Circus Theater (happens to be in little India) on May 28th. I'll tell him to get ahold of you but I think you are half right Lee, he hates you but not Anitta.
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Buddha Bubba?
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Dan Dreamer
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Default bubba

A bubba is a hindu mystic with very red eyes. who only eats once a week.

I found the two contitions incompatible.
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