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Thumbs down Question of percentages

Although I don't live in Southern California, and don't forsee flying there for the gig, I was nevertheless constrained to reply when I received the following message...

Subject: Childrens entertainment

Entertain children at parties. On call.
$30 for one-hour party.
South Orange Co.

On a whim I replied.

My reply- "$30? You've got to be kidding! Or is $30 a typo error? Should it have been $130?"

Agency reply-" $30 for the character. I charge the parent $130."

Any comments?
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Thumbs down does the word BOGUS mean anything?

10% for the agent/agency.
15% if the person gets you a really good gig.
Otherwise it's crap.
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Steven Ragatz
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You won't find anyone willing to represent you for %10. %25 or %30 is far more common for an event planner or talent agency.

Keep in mind that the $130 fee may also include some additional stuff. Nobody should go out, no matter how bad they are, for only $30, unless you are starving, and then you have to ask yourself how you can get by when you eat nothing but your own pride.

In Orange county $30 won't even cover transportation.

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dave walbridge
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Default fee!

That's way too low. At this price, theay can only be sending out really bad performers.

A reasonable percentage for an agent is 15-20%.

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I believe that places that rent jumpers do that scam often. One place that does that on a large scale is Jump for Fun and the Clown Co. These so called agencies never get any great clients or repeat work due to the shoddy wages and low level of entertainment. When you see a scam like that just avoid it.
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