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Question hanging strait jacket escape

does anyone out there do the strait jacket escape while hanging upside down? the pickled brothers ( hint hint) are trying to create a rack for this that is able to do this and easy enough to transport and break down. any ideas on how to make this rack? or anyone got any good pics of a rack that they use?
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hey frack,
a freind of mine built exactly such a device for his (then) wife to use for performing on the street. the apparatus was a bit heavy, but solid and light weght enough to be dragged around for the street. i am going to email him for a diagram, description, pics, and maybe the actual beast is still floating around somewhere and could be sold to you. could take a few days to hear back so stay tuned. i do know, however this a workable idea and definitely a cool number,
catch ya, barry
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The classic magic book on straight jacket escapes:

"The art of escape vol4 Escapes from a straight jacket" by John Novak, published by Micky Hades

has a number of diagrams for upside down rigs as well as good discussions on the safety issues. And the chain escape one, vol2 Selected Chain Escapes, has some good shackle rigs you could add on as well.

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thanks for the help hope to see the pics barry, and any idea where can get a copy of the book iain?
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The Amazing Beaumanz
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There are two people doing a suspended escape with similar riggings on Mallory Square in Key West.
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Embarrassed upside-down escapes

Hey Frack --

The last time I was in Key West there was something of a commotion when a former upside-down escape artist showed up to say hello to old friends. He had stopped performing after his rig colapsed and he sustained major head injury.

The GlassHarper (I play glassical music)!
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Default Straitjacket rigging

I do an upside down striatjacket escape.

I had a rigging built by a gym equipment manufacturer. Yes it is heavy, but it collapses into itself to make it easy for transport. It does not have the risk of tipping over which is one of the reasons it is heavy, it also has two locking mechanisms I had designed into it one a 1/2 " locking pin like those used for gym equipment and then a locking dial.

on the base of it is three cables of airline strength. this prevents kick-outs of the legs.

It is sturdy and solid and I have had no problems with it over the years. You can even climb up on top of it.

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David Straitjacket
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I haven't used a mobile rig for a while. I had a large freestanding trapeze rig which I also did suspended escapes from a couple of years ago, it was a great rig, eye catching, HUGE! But it took forever to put up and break-down, and it was a nightmare to transport. Still, it was 25 feet high and I could do swinging trapeze on it

Err.. there was a point to this message! Ah... yes... while you are thinking about the safety of your rig please don't forget the most important safety feature, secure ankle strapping. A head first fall, in a straitjacket, even from a few feet will likely cause brain damage, paralysis or even death. Be 100% certain of your main harness, and have a back up harness as well just to be sure!

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The Art of Escape Vol. 4
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Butterfly Man
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Bunny In hoc signo vinces

Thanks for the link ...

P.S. so you're from Memphis ... and have a few years on me both as a performer and a person (not many in this forum can say that) ... gotta say you picked a great name ...

P.S. FYI is mostly pagans ... good luck.
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Default freestanding mobile trapeze rig

Hi there David Straitjacket....

I'd love to know more about the mobile rig you were using...was it the voltige one?? you say it was too heavy for transprting...
I've just got a grant to buy a mobile rig & am investigating options ...which are few & far beween up here in the ozzie desert landscape...
love to hear from were the only refernce on the net for this subject...feel special!!!!
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ewan uno
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we had a rig for upside down escapes, problem was that it was too damn heavy to do at anything other that corporate gigs,

it was an 'A' frame structure that required an anchor point. the anchor rope was also set on fire.

ours was made of big bits of wood, and was about 20ft high at the apex, needless to say it wasn't an easy thing to haul arround.
we couldn't do a show without 3 assistants.
so that show was quite short lived.

i'd look at getting some aluminium scaffolding poles if i were you.
or if you don't care about the risk you could just steal some regular steel scaffolding in every town you go to.

in hindsight a freestanding tripod whould be the best plan.
i might revive the act one day, but not untill i get a practical rig.
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