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Evan Young
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Default Burlington

I just rolled into Burlington for a visit today. Aparently they have a relativly new rule for the permit that you have to schedule an audition, and it can take a couple days.
kind of cought me by surprise, so i figured I would post it.

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hey gazzo - just wondering what it is like to street perform in key west over the winter (late december early january)... might be looking to street perform then and am looking for possible places as ideas.
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Default Re: Massachusetts

Originally posted by ALAKAZAM

So really,all the great street rules that we are used to in australia/england/europe are tossed in to the bin in the U.S.,because there is so much desperation, poverty and selfishness on the streets,.
Hi AL -
desperation - I see it occasionally; heck , in the 80's I remember a psychotic busker...

poverty - visit any medium size or big city in South comparison...

selfishness - yes our culture values selfishness (individualism), but quite a few current and past performers in the Boston/Cambridge area are willing to share - perhaps the more selfish stick out in our minds more....

any conversations I've had this year, I haven't heard anyone say that they are making good $$ on the street this year; in fact, routine anecdotes about how bad it is...
by the way, does anybody ever do Worcester MA?? or is that just too ridiculous?
and oh yeah, did Gav ever make it to the US?
Ciao - Kev
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Boulder, Colorado's Pearl Street Mall has been reconstructed over the past 4 years to include new spaces for street performers to stage their art.

Boulder would have been much easier for me to busk had they done this earier. As it is, I'll stay retired from 20 years of busking worldwide.

Busker Central & Busker Alley
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