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Default Booking Festivals and Public Events

First, feel confident about your work, that you've tried it out before the public, and all the bits are in the right place. You need to start off with something engaging that piques their interest and allows you to introduce yourself and gets them liking you.

Then you build up the bits, each one better than the last, till you end up with the big finish.

Get yourself a Website so bookers can see you and what you do. Best if you include a Video. For a start, you can find any number of Sites that have templates which are easy to fill in. Or pay to have someone build a site for you.

Then decide which geographical area you want to work in and go online and do a search. For example- as a balloon twister you could search Town Fests, Occasion Fests, (Harvest, Cherry Blossom, etc.) Kids Fests, Buskers Fests, Folklore Fests, Music Fests, Storytelling Fests, Art Fests etc. Many Festivals have an application form you can fill in. Remember that these fests book way ahead, so don't try for a Fest that's happening next week.

Unless you're lucky, you'll probably need to apply to many to get one booking. Don't get discouraged. The first one is the hardest!
Once you've done one, you can use it as a reference and it will be easier. Bookers like to know you've been used by somebody else. Sometimes you can get a whole consecutive string of similar Fests lined up which is great.

A few tips once you're at your first (or any) Fest-
* Arrive at the site to give yourself plenty of setup time. Ask ahead which gate you should enter, and ask for a free parking ticket, hopefully near where you will be performing.

*Make sure you and your gear are as good looking and polished as they can be.

* Always start on time, especially if your times are listed in the Program.

* Unless it's actually raining, go ahead anyway.

* Don't be a whiner.

* Be friendly to the organizers, but don't constantly hang around.

* Be a self starter. Try and solve problems yourself. Organizers are busy with their own problems.

* If they ask you to do a certain number of minutes, keep to that length of time.

* Enjoy yourself!
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Thanks for the encouragement. I especially liked the last bit of advice. Enjoy yourself!! Main reason I'm trying to get into this on a more steady basis. I LIKE IT. I've had it with going to work every day for the same bunch of morons hellbent on destroying their own business and everyone involved. Yeah, I've had bad crowds but at least I can get a different crowd the next day.

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