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asher Tea
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Question working in Thailand?

hello all you good people. I am a Melbourne circus/street performer and was wanting to ask the essential question.
"can one perform in Bangkok and actually make money, or rather can one actually perform in bangkok would be good?" any advice would be good.
this message is directly from asher Tea who may self destruct at any given time.
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well, I've heard of it being done by a couple of people. Firstly anthony livingspace, secondly sparky mark. Both back in the 90s
Ko san rd. is the place they both worked , there are a lot of tourists there . I spoke to Mark about it this summer and he said it was fun, but you had to do quick shows, the money was enough to get by day to day.
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Mr.Taxi Trix
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Khao San Road is a decent enough place to start. Hilby worked it years ago and said he managed it well enough. I don't really favor Bangkok, but I've done well in Chiang Mai during Chinese New Year. (Well as in hotel, food, and maybe a small trinket, but nothing to bring home.)

Jake and Sophie had a good thing going down in Kho Phi Phi, but it was pre-Tsunami. They were really good about walking gently among the Thai, and adding to the community.

What we call "bribes" often grease the wheels of business in Thailand. Know that going in.
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Aaron Gregg
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Default Tough

Just for fun I tried one show on Khao San Rd. with the UCO last fall. It was tough and I think we made about 30 cents each after 20 minutes. The cops saw us and stopped but didn't seem too bothered about it. I think the tourists there are tired of seeing fire dancing and our juggling and contortion were of little interest. The people on the street also seemed to be too cool to care about anything.

There were loads of people there so if you could figure out a way to make it work you could probably get by.

Aaron Gregg
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I think it might be worth it but what Aaron and I did was shit. I was pretty drunk though and so were you Aaron. but the whole show was strange,
No Reactions at all!!!!
Think of it as the cheapest of trust fund brats all looking for the bargins through spiritualism, that was the crowd that night.
I say go for it, but making a living there on it, wow. that is hardcore.
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drunken performing, well I never.....
I hope this doesn't some how link to aarons recent exploits.
or has it just?
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sounds horrible...
Busker Central & Busker Alley
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