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Default Halifax

So whats the scoop on Halifax this year...everyone is being awful quiet about it
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Our group is still touring we have 2 more weekends to go and our tour is over, thank god finally WOW! We will post our opinion on the festivals we performed at and how they went for us, Halifax will be included in that list. Please check back after Labor day weekend for our post.
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gah.. no one replied last year to the halifax thread either...
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Dan Tastik
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coincidence you think?
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First time at the Halifax buskers for me. For me the festival failed to live up to both the good and bad hype that I have heard over the years.
Travel was comfortable and arranged for me. When I arrived Billy was at the airport to pick me up. He had a smile on his face and right from the start let me know if I needed anything just to let him know. He made a great second impression on behalf of the festival, I had already met Debby.
My accommodations were both nice and close to the waterfront. The lack of a green room and lock up however was quite a drag. I had to haul gear down the hill from my room every day, I’d be sweating before the day even got started and at the end of the day I would finish with the dreaded task of pushing it back up the hill again knowing I would just be pulling it back down the hill again in the morning. I am not sure if people thought they were being witty but usually I would hear more than once during my walk “hey buddy ride it” in reference to the 10ft unicycle I was pushing in front of my gear. At first I would offer a friendly smile in reply but this degraded quickly along with my patience for the walk. On the one occasion I began to think I would make it without hearing the dreaded call Jessica greeted me by yelling it from the operations tent. Her laughter could be heard equally clearly from my position a block up the hill yet. Debby Jessica and the rest of the crew from ESP were sympathetic to the performers needs and offered all the assistance they could afford including taking a pair of pants I had burned the ass out of to be patched at a local tailor.
The most disappointing thing about the festival was that over the years I have heard of the heaps of money to be made there. As I started to fall short of my goal of I thought that maybe I needed to adjust my show for the east coast but after talking to other acts that I respect and trust would reply honestly it seemed I was making about the same. It didn’t help that my shows on the big pitch were scheduled for the final weekend and Saturday rained hard. I guess it’s the nature of the beast. Money was still good for ten days work though. I know that many of the guys I talk “don’t do this for the money”, but I wouldn’t be doing it if I couldn’t pay my bills.
I had also heard that the hang in Halifax was poor. It worked for me though. I had the great pleasure of meeting some new people and touching base with old friends, you all know who you are, I look forward to our next meeting. I do feel I need to mention Jeff, Scott Free. We shared a room while there and usually ended up going out together. We had lots of laughs, great conversations and some weird moments, all good! Thanks Jeff I hope we get the chance to do it again.
I had a great time in Halifax. I partied lots made decent money and hung out with great friends. I would be happy to do it again despite the lack of green room a lock up. Next time I’ll just wear my mp3 player for the walk.
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Our view of Halifax may not be too applicable to some of you since we're from halifax. We're not put up in hotels in the city since we all live within 25 minutes of the city.

This was our second time doing the festival and we had a great run with it. The weather was on our side for the most part, only giving a day or two of rainy weather. The stages here were great, lots of seating and standing area for the crowds. With hour time slots we had plenty of time to build the crowd size we wanted, do our show and hat.

Debbie, Jessica and all the volunteers were great during the festival. They would run and get us water before and during the shows. Not having a storage room kinda sucked but we managed to get our gear close to each pitch with very few parking tickets.

Money wise this festival treated us well. Our show average was double that of our Just for laughs average, our worst day was still higher than our whole weekend in Sydney NS, and it was only a little higher than our Toronto average.

the schedule was smooth this year, only a few changes here and there, but we were always asked if we were okay with the changes. We weren't put up in hotels but we didn't expect that since we're from here. But being from the area we can support the hotels they put the performers up in. The ones we heard mentioned by other performers are well respected hotels.

the crowds were fun, the schedule was great, the layout of each of the pitches was excellent, and you actually feel like the festival is about the performers (unlike Toronto, where it felt like the vendors were more important).

That was our take on Halifax this year, we enjoyed it and if we're invited back again we'll be doing it for sure.
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Butterfly Man
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Canada thanks for the memories

Ahhh ... Halifax ... Buskers '88 ... ahhh

... you've gone a long way baby.
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Hey Squid HOLLA! Congrats I heard you guys got people's choice. That must have been a tight one between you guys and that African group they were good. Man there was alot of action in Halifax this year Debbie booked some really high energy acts.

Any way you guys pretty much covered everything I had to say about Halifax this summer we were well taken care of and we made good money, our hats were a little smaller this year but I think it's because we worked it 3 years in a row.

This summer our group did the two biggest busker festivals in North America The Edmonton international busker festival and as you all already know the Halifax International busker festival.
We also did alot of other festivals but It will take me all night to talk about each of them so I will rate them on a scale from 1 - 10
1 being the lowest 10 being the highest. I will rate them in the order of the actual tour starting from our very first Busker festival in the beginning of the summer until the last at the end of the summer.

Norway- porsgrunn P I T- rating (2)

Canada- Dundas- rating (7)

Canada- Spruce grove- rating (4)

Canada- Edmonton- rating (10)

Canada- Grand prairy -rating (5)

Canada - Sydney- rating (3)

Canada- Halifax- rating (8)

Canada- Windsor- rating (7)

Canada- Toronto - rating (10) in 2003. This summer 2005 Rating (-1) it sucked!

Canada- Calgary- rating (4) Not bad for a first annual. This fetival has great potential.

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