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Default Rolling Out National Fund Raising Program - looking for school performers

Hello everyone. My name is Paul Miller and I a full time performer in North Carolina. In January, I am rolling out a fund raising program that I will be marketing nationally.

This program will be marketed to Elementary and Middle Schools. As an extra incentive for people to get involved in my program, I am offering a discount for my show.

If you would like for me to list your act as well, I would be happy to do so. All I ask is that you offer some sort of discount, either a dollar amount or percentage. I am not going to make any money off your performance and will merely send interested parties directly to your website. I will validate coupons to keep track of which of my clients take advantage of the offer.

Programs do not have to be educational, although I expect that those would fare better.

I expect to be putting this part of my program together toward the middle of December. If you are interested in participating, send me an email at with "SCHOOL PERFORMER" in subject.

Please provide me with a short description of your act (to be included in my promotion) and what kind of discount you wish to offer. Also, I need to know what geographic range you cover. If you have an act that has been specifically designed for schools, please send me some promo material, as I would probably want to list you more prominently.

You can send it to:
Paul Miller
PoBox 431
Wake Forest, NC 27588

Thanks. I hope that this incentive program proves to get a lot of work for a lot of people.

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