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Tom Frank
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Default Bla Bla Bla

Today was a beautiful sunny day in the 50's. The water, the market, the mountains and the quality of the written word on the page and on my computer screen. . . . staggering.

At last weeks session Professor Gizmo gave me Jay Sankey's book "Beyond Secrets" and later in the week Jim Sisti gave me a couple of Richard Osterlind's e-books. I started reading Osterlind's, "The Principles of Magic" today. As with both books, all I can say is wow.

Creating a deeper sense of meaning and enhancing and clarifying the role of magician as we have seen it and created it for ourselves. This journey takes many off road, side trips to the heart of the beast, to peer into a reflective pool of deception and dive in submerging every atom of my being into the beautiful light of illusion where anything is possible and everything might happen. The art of modeling childlike wonder with the wave of a hand and the vanish of a coin.

I read some heavy shit today, and then with these ideas fresh on my mind I went to Pike Place Market to street perform. To create good art, build relationships and communities and look into the hearts and souls of my audiences and tell by the smile on their faces, the sporadic bursts of enthusiasm, and the immediate satisfaction of knowing that today my performances where under the microscope of my own value system.

I was pleased with the inspiration. Thanks to all my friends who fuel the fire and let my love for my art begin to take on new challenges and directions.
Tom Frank

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