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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at freaking home, having more fun, having a better crowd (though, of course, smaller) and making better money.

That beats being beaten senseless by drunks, bad attitudes on all fronts, and generally being made to look like the village idiot (TV spots also put us in a slightly bad light, in my opinion, as the news spots encouraged heckling and general abuse to the tune of "look! y ou can talk to her and she won't move! talk all you want, see? so how's the weather clara? doesn't that paint make you die like the tin man? is it your fault {insert some local happening that i really didn't understand}?").

All things said and done, I won't be returning. The one thing I can safely say is that the whole affair made me appreciate home that much more! (and it says quite a bit that 'regular' street performing beat out a festival... )

ok, NOW i'm done with my bitchin'. what on earth am i doing indoors anyway? it's gorgeous out today.

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I'm performing at Milwaukee's Irish Fest this weekend, along with plenty of musicians, actors, jugglers, puppeteers, balloon sculptors, storytellers and other lads & lasses who are as happy to be here as I am.

Musicians dominate the big stages, but the smaller stages feature performers of all stripes. You don't even have to actually be Irish (shhh... don't tell anyone I said that) as long as your act has an Irish "spin". So put on your best green knickers and follow the rainbow to Milwaukee, because it's all over Sunday night.

P.S. This is my 100th post. Watch your back, Martin.
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I was contacted twice by the promoter, who when I sent him a contract, backed out then apparently went with somebody else, (says he). The last time he called, I said that there is no way anybody could afford to travel there from Cleveland for $100 (!!!) and attempted to hire another artist (from Chigago) to do the fest for me. It was going to be cold (which is a problem for any artist) and this artist had never worked under these conditions and had in fact, never busked before!... Anyways, glad it fell through. So glad it fell through... So glad.... Next time I hear from this jerk I'll send him this post...
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