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Default easy/hard

Ideas are easy, follow through, now that can be the hard part.

Re the Santa hat, so wear a Santa tie, or other seasonal tie with a red vest. You're not a freak, but you want to be distinctive enough, that someone can point you out from across the room.

Re the expo, yea get there early before the rush.

When you draw the vender, and the folks that visit their booth, besure and put the vender's product and logo in the pic. And be sure and show the pic to the vender when you give it to the attendee.

Be friendly, play a little, show a sence of humour. Surprisingly, I've run into some guys who were so serious they were either lukewarm neutral or a turn off.

If you want to have some real fun, get the clown to look over your shoulder and make wise cracks about how attractive she (your subject) looks with dreadlocks and a goiter, horns and big ears, etc.

After you have drawn a few for a particular vender, ask them their opinion. Get their reaction. Would they like you to stay at their booth the rest of the day, for their next trade show, etc. Who would make those decisions, etc. GET THEIR CARD, and follow with a phone call in a few days.

Don't wait for good luck, make your own.
Walking tall and stretching imaginations!
Bill 'Stretch' Coleman
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CGuy, come back in 6 months or so and let us know how it's going.
Every-one should watch their drawers!
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