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Aaron Gregg
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Default Canmore Alberta

Has anyone here ever worked a street festival in Canmore, Alberta (or knows anyone who has)? I'm curious to know how the crowds and conditions were.


Aaron Gregg
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Dan The One Man Band
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I performed there the first year (2004?) but it rained most of the time so can't really give an opinion on hat sizes. The organizers have been improving the festival each year. (i.e: first year they didn't have street closure, now they do). It is an affluent town. Used to be laid back although a lot of oil money from neighbouring Calgary has changed that a little bit. I think there is great potential. The organizers work hard to make it work.
I will be there this year to have another go.

Still with all original members!
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Daniel Craig
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I did the Canmore Street Fest last year.

It rained. And when it wasn't raining, the crowds were sparse. It was fun, but if you're looking for monster shows and huge hats, they're not in Canmore.
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