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Default Looking for Gazzo

Gazzo where are you, I went to look for you today at your house, I tought we were going sailing, but your'e not there, nor your stuff, nor your car!
Marty's really anxious do you still need the room. Are you coming back to work in Key West? People are confused, Birdie told me you had to go up north, but you wouldn't say why?
Call me and I can try and smooth things over down here for you.
P.S. Sean what did you say to freek him out so bad. He looked pale after he came off the phone with you.
Formerly amazing now groovy!
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I just deleted a post here. No big deal, but let's keep the gossip to ourselves. No need for that kind of rumor spreading.
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Butterfly Man
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Default Read Between The Lines

Gazzo told me he was heading for Oahu to see if he can crack Waikiki but that was over a month ago ... haven't heard fom that drooling thief since then. If you see him, tell him Ill 'let it go' when I get my money back!

I have a # ... does that help?
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