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Guitar Share wisdom with me, cause I'm just starting!

Hello all,

This is a general plea for any with experience or advice to share or general how-to hints on busking. I'm a resident of Savannah, GA in the US, and thinking that the relatively scarce presence of buskers on the tourist-heavy River Street might be a good place to get into this line of work. My deal is banjo music, bluegrass style, and I've put together a repertoire of memorized songs that takes about 25 minutes. Before I don my busking cap and sit down to play for real, I'd appreciate anything you veterans can share about the dos and don'ts of this business

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Go check out Atlanta...

Check out the library section of this board, a lot of good stuff has been written on this topic.

Under the search engine, type in some key phrases and I am sure that a bunch of other stuff will come up.

Ask a specific question and maybe someone along your line will be able to help, I do not know much of the music scene.
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I'll be in GA very soon. The 15th actually. I'm hanging out with my Dad for a few days then I can kill time till NOV 5th. I'd be glad to meet up with you. If you are interested shoot me an email with your info.
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Doctor Eric
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I hear tell that Savannah is an extremely viable pitch, I'd go try.

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Jump on over to the "Library" section of ( and read everything you can by Rex Boyd. He shares some good insights into the mind of the savage street performer. Remember, do not make eye contact with these vicious beasts unless you're between the ages of 20-20, and are female.
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