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Embarrassed Potter's Field

sent to me from Andrew Potter

Did I tell you this story?

That my Dad died about a year ago...

I put together a 8 minute video on his life,


And I was going to show it on a big screen during his memorial

service, and play guitar.

I introduced the piece during his service, but before I could roll
tape, an old dear friend in the audience had a diabetic seizure.

He froze up, the lights went up, the room cleared, and I and a few others spent 20 minutes trying for force feed him some to sugar.

We couldn't do it, some the ambulance came and took him away.

I then had the enviable task of re-gathering the crowd, calming them
down, (with a couple jokes, no less) making a segue or two, and then re-introducing the video on my father's life, which i then rolled, and played guitar.

(But wait... there's more)

After I finished, I looked over at my aunt Taowee, (my mother's

Her kids had all gathered around her, and we tending to her.

I'm still on stage, and I say, Is everything OK. ?

Not really, I hear, than calls for aspirin , aspirin...

Taowee had had a massive stroke,

For the second time in an hour, the room cleared, and we tended to her,

We could do nothing, and the ambulance came and took her away.

She died the next day. Our diabetic friend died a few months later.

Have you ever been on stage, and during your show have 2 separate incidents where someone is wheeled out on a stretcher and died?

I have.

I try not to take it personally.

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