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Default Contacts for aerial work?


I graduated from circus school in June, and most of my contacts are in Montreal, which is a great place to learn circus, but a poopy place to WORK circus.

I've been trying to branch out into the US market since I'm American, but since I don't have contacts down there, I've gotten very few leads.

I'm an aerialist and contortionist, and unfortunately those do NOT translate well to busking, so I need jobs indoors.

Anyone got any good contacts, know any leads, heard of an agency that can actually get me work? Websites that post aerial jobs? I nominally live in Philly, but whatever works will do me.

Thanks, you guys rock.
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Default Aerial Work

I'm the director of an aerial company that works indoors and out (busking does indeed work for us, we do a 30-40 minute show on a freestanding rig). We work all over North America and also in Europe. In addition to busking, we do festivals, corporate events, and we're putting together a larger show in the long run.

Take a look at our site - currently pretty crappy but being redesigned -, and you can get a sense of what we're like as people at our myspace page -

I can't tell if you're male or female from your name, and we primarily hire women, but we do have some men.

If you think you might like to work with us, get in touch after you've seen our sites, and we'll talk more about it! Our down season is roughly two weeks from now until mid-February, and this is the time of year I start looking at new hires.


Allison Williams
Aerial Angels
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