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Default 'why do YOU perform ???

A family of track suits came into the beginning of my show and began to heckle me, as they do, but there was a little girl with them that was definitely the youngest. she watched the show and responded well to the magic tricks as meanwhile the family continued to heckle through out the entire show. I got to the end and when people came up to pay the family went to walk off ( big surprise ) and the little girl for the first time spoke. "Wait for me! " she ran up to me and took out a little pink purse and emptied everything out of it. Two two pence coins, and one one pence coin. it was every thing she had and she reached way up and put it in the hat, looked at me and said "thank you mister, I liked your show" and then ran away. My chest felt warm inside and I almost cried. She gave me everything she had and who knows how long she had been holding on to those coppers. I looked at her family and I looked at her and thought that I might have been that influencing memory that she holds on to later in life. five pence isn't much to most performers, but to me that five pence was the biggest tip I have ever received. todd various.

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For me it was a curtsy.
Hunter Square, Edinburgh.

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I was doing a show at a ren themed animal park. I was leap frogging (back to back shows with someone else) with a man doing magic. I get done and the "wizard" is standing there and this black girl who, in my memory, reminds me of "cindy lou who" from the grinch who stole christmas. About 6 years old maybe 8. She comes up to me and says totally open heartedly "can i give you a hug"? She might as well have been handing me a bag of hundred dollar bills.
That dropped me to my knees basically. Be informed that im 6'6" tall and this girl was maybe 3 to 3 and a half foot tall.
I've had a twenty dropped in my hat (didnt see the giver) and that was very special, but... Sincere thanks can blow your mind , or heart rather.
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