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nick nickolas
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Default Auckland 2007..a review part two

I’d pop back to room 807 around 5ish chill out have a shower and think about the evening show. Dressed and on my way down to the O’Hagens market sq outside Danny Doolans I see Arizona Jones on his pole cracking whips crowd blocking the path way. I must admit I do prefer his straight jacket escape show which rocked on Monday night.

Our sound man each night was Bob a young Gerry Garcia lookalike, Main contact in the Bar was Tommy a top chipper irishman. I’d get there about 6.30 check sound, lights, hospitality, etc. Write 2 run sheets, one taped to the pole and the other on the sound board.
As the people were filtering in we had 15yr old Josh a sax virtuoso banging out some beats. Lurk then kicked in and warmed them some more. I’d come out and do 15/20mins announcing the show was open by tying a bow tie round my neck while balancing a machete on my face reciting the alphabet backwards.

Andrew Elliot opened a couple of nights, an act which starts by him tying a turban, then performs audience interaction involving a womans ring and a cobra climaxing with a sword swallow. The whole thing has you believing he’s the real deal from Delhi until the end, great show.

One of our closing acts was always going to be The English Gentlemen. To strapping young chaps decked out in suits and bowler hats perform the most amazing acrobatics.
Only to strip down to their union jack jocks to reveal all, bodies like waxed statues. The characters of monkey boy Rupert and Pendaville are great, but the one hand handstand on the head with a fold up is out of this world.

We also had a girl duo Oz Star Airlines Stacey and Tracey, high energy, hula hoops, acrobatics and juggling combined with great costumes and shoes.These Aussie chicks made me laugh every time. I think they closed the final night show. My mind was a bit of a blur by then, the past 6 nights finishing work in a bar at 11pm.
I must say the bar staff hospitality was amazing especially on Scoots birthday.

I remember Space Cowboy in the middle of a group bending the venues spoons and forks by bodyheat. They were believers, well why not he’s just been infront of 1500 people doing double whip cracks, swallowing a sword and juggling on a unicycle blindfolded, definite festival highlight.

Scoot bought himself new clothes for his birthday, and looked well smart in the show. I introduced the birthday boy, he came out we passed 7 clubs and then did the knockout from the mouth with celery in her mouth, two hits didn’t fall,mmmm next time use breadstick. He then climbed the 11ft freestanding ladder, juggled, ate the apple, just after juggling 5 clubs.

Later on that night after Brant Matthews, a charming Canadian from Montreal with a ringmasters costume. flipped fire, ate fire, blew fire and had the audience totally with him crying “Oooh yeah!” I got up and had the crowd of 1500+ singing happy birthday to Scoot a cake was brought out by the crackerjack girls and candles extinguished.

After the masses were gone and cash was divided, the evening would carry on, some would close earlier than others, me I would normally go on. A couple of nights ended as morning started, sitting on mine or others balconies contemplating life. One night a menagerie went to the strip club and a group of us went to The Fiddlers, a Pub across from the Casino that gogoes off. People dancing. people singing , people conducting, a true Irish feel, catering for the hospitality trade its open late. The last I saw Shelley Switzer was hugging her, Ulla and Keaneo, singing “You’ll never walk alone” aloud with 70 others at The Fiddlers.
That is so true my street performing brothers and sisters, we will never walk alone.
The wrap party was wrapped and extremely well catered for. We were to find out. Taxied to Pams house there was food, drinks and home hospitality being provided to the max. A few speeches, thankyous etc great food, great festival and we didn’t run out of beer. Nice one guys.

Nickolas 2007
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Daniel Zindler
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Enjoyed the reading! Thanks.
Daniel Zindler Entertainment
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