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Doctor Eric
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Isabella- I don't think that's him, although he said he was playing with other languages, esp. German, I doubt he speaks it well enough to pass as his native tongue. Although maybe, it is a joke that would fit with his character, and you're not German. He's been living in Austria for two years, and he's pretty dedicated, he might be able to pull it off. anyway, this is him, you can tell me...
Meet Pete

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Steven Ragatz
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Originally posted by scot
I don't agree with steven saying that the video should be an accurate depiction of the show. I think it should make you look as valuable as possible and the show should be able to back it up enough so the client is satisfied.
Yes, Scot is correct. I reread what I had typed, and suggesting that promotional material should be a journalistic representation isn't what I intended to say. Certainly, one wants promotional video to look as good and as compelling as possible. In fact, the best promotional material is whatever makes you look better than you actually are!

There are multiple issues here, including video technology, footage quality, show instance, show content, etc. The reality is that we all have to make do with the resources available to us, and we can always do better. But we have to draw a line once in a while and simply commit to a video that shows the current state of the work, otherwise there will never be anything to show and you will always be waiting for the finished product.

The footage that you have will get you a certain level of work. In turn, those opportunities may net you better footage and further show development. Of course you are working on your show. Of course you are trying to write better jokes. Of course you will improve - simply if you keep trying and growing. It's not rocket surgery.

My advice is to not get bogged down by all the what-ifs and should-bes, and accept that this video iteration is going to get you only so far. If you are lucky, that will be a little bit further than you were before! All of the suggestions in this thread have merit, but I think in many ways, we are doing you a disservice by distracting you from the original intent - get a promotional video available so that you can get some more work lined up.

Steven Ragatz
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