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Mr.Taxi Trix
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The party line is "We do one big group show, for the festival." You do your show with everyone else, there is a hat pass, some festivals take a portion of it, some take it all. Everyone holds hands and congratulates themselves, and you go home with less money. You are a mini festival sponsor, and have saved them some fundraising work.
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Butterfly Man
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Hat keep your hands offa my stack

I'm gonna jump over to "festival and pitch ethics" and rant a bit about "hat skimming" by producers ...
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Default Kingston

If it's a driveable festival for you, it's worth doing.

We made very good hats, comparable to our other best busker festivals, and you get a lot of shows. However, it is very, very hot out.

Music bands did very well there, and I think better than the buskers because they sell cds and lots of them!

The group show at Kingston was hat-passed for charity, but we knew that going in and didn't have to participate. What got me was that it was pitched all week that it was about votes, but then it was judged on audience applause. Well, if we'd known that, we would have played the "no, clap more for us" game that the winners played. They clearly knew the score, as they had won last year, too. However, the fire show was a group show, too, and the hat split was just to the performers and it was a good amount.

Brockville Buskers, OTOH, we all agreed to do the group show, and then the organzier drifts over and says, oh, usually the performers donate the hat to charity, this year it's Charity X, is that OK? Like I'm going to be able to say, no thanks, at that point? I don't object to doing it for charity, but tell us up front, for crying out loud On the other hand, the show was so long and tedious I think the orphans only got about $200.
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