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Club Art Jennings ... IJA founding father (performed as "Happy Dayze" in the 50's)

Happy Dayze Are Here Again

Years ago, there lived a man
Who juggled tears of laughter
He had a simple dream in mind
To live forever after

Each breath he took, he tossed aloft
To soar throughout the air
A skillful gift he gave for free
For all of us to share

I caught his breath, like many do
And pitched it to and fro
And watched in awe, him come alive
In each and every throw

The patterns he created
Will never go away
His breath between the objects
Forever here to stay

So watch the space above you
And listen now and then
You might hear the angels laughing
Happy Dayze are here again

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Default Art Jennings... RIP

Nice Prose...
...and a nice way to remember and pay respect to Art Jennings, Father of the IJA. Art would have loved the last convention. Although not physically present, his name and spirit had a heavy presence there, it being the 60th anniversary and all...
Thanks Robert...
Steve aka AL Fettucini
"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool - William Shakespeare
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