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Rachel Peters
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Default Re: Why?

[quote]Originally posted by martin ewen
[b]I made my site in the late nineties.
It's a rambling mess of content cul de sacs.
Its ego driven rather than market driven and that's its disadvantage and to a small number of weird clients, an advantage. (overall it sucks)
i wouldn't use it as an example of design because as far as I can see it lacks it.

I was reading, and was going to write a big response to this, but then scrolled up a few. I think Taxi Trix said it well. I know that it pulled me in kept me there for quite a while. Far longer than any shiny, trendy, flashy performer site I can think of. Not because of the Labyrinth of hyperlinks, but its content. I got sucked into your stories. I got behind in quota at that job I used to go to because of your stories. What it may lack in design it more than makes up for in content, in humour, in brain, in art, in you.
A well designed site (or anything) without substance gets boring REAL fast. Something with plenty of substance, but less than perfect design... well, that could be the Simpsons, or King of the Hill, or Homestarrunner, or any number of animated Oscar winners who couldn't draw worth beans (Sorry. Everything in life seems to be a metaphor for animation to me. get used to it). But heck, it could even be that funny, paraplegic guy I had a crush on in college. Content overcomes image. It always comes down to content. ...unless either someone is so shallow they can't see past the shiny lights, or the content is wrapped in something so extremely ugly that it makes your eyes bleed, content should win.
...but of course content wrapped in shiny lights would be ideal, I suppose.
I think I'm just trying to say, you've the far more important of the two, in heaps.
(and my eyes never bled once.)

Um.... yeah.

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Doctor Eric
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I rather like

I've now realized that I care about fans, not bookers.

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