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Default Posey Straitjacket for sale

I've had this Medium Posey straitjacket since I was about 15, so it's about 8 years old but has seen very little use. About the 5 hours of practicing getting out of it that it took me to realize I didn't want to be a professional escape artist. It still fits me as a 6'2 200pounder. I really have no use for it except the occasional costume party, but I can barely hold a beer through the sleeves, let alone open one. In any case, it's time to pass it on to somebody who can get some use out of it. I've noticed they're going new for about $150, but I'd be glad to sell mine for 70 bucks. Everything is intact, it's clean, and who's really going to care if the straitjacket you get out of doesn't look like it just came off the rack? I live in Seattle so I could ship it to you, but it'd be nice to just have someone pick it up. Let me know.

-Mike Larios
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Default I'm interested in your jacket

I am actually going to be in Seattle around the 28 or 29th of December. Maybe as late as the 30th. I would love to buy the jacket if it is what I am looking for. Respond soon, I am making travel plans now. is probably your best bet at reaching me.
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lucky john
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shot me an e-mail if ya still have the jacket. where in seattle are you? my nephew is in issaquah could have him pick up jacket and drop off cash
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