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Default Advice on SOUTH AFRICA - Jo'burg and Cape Town


I hope someone here can give me advice on street pitches and protocol in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

I'm in South Africa from Feb 1st to Feb 20th and would love to get several days of shows under my belt in sunny SA.

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Butterfly Man
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Mime The dark continent

The pitch in Capetown is amazing but years ago was controlled by a madman ... I'm sure he's dead or moved on by now.

it was wierd but only white people watched my show, hmmm.

P.S. take the train from Johannesburg to Capetown ... loverly
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Lee Nelson
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Johannesburg has no pitch anymore. To many fights between performers caused by no adherence to buskers etiquette. This caused the management of the privately owned sites the pitches operated on to shut them down. Still to this day the only place I have ever been mugged whilst doing a show.

Capetown on the other hand....

Nice pitches in the city but you're on your own security wise. Nice pitches at the waterfront but you need a permit, for that you need an audition. I think good promo material or a personal reference from an existing permit holder gets you a temporary permit.
1/2 hour limit shows, no amplification.
Buskers etiquette is well established ( thanks to me!!! maybe I became the monster ) and reasonable queue lengths depending on the day

white people, black people and coloured people watch my show. But the biggest demographic is homeless people!!!

Feel the Love
pm me for more
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