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Question Where to get new practical IDEAS?

Let's discuss this in Slovenia at the
International Performing Arts Laboratory
July 25-30, 2007
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Kenny Ahern
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Default Seeking Inspiration

I highly recommend you reading Cirque Du Soleil's: The Spark. I recently listened to the unabridged book on tape version (3 CD set) on a road trip. I checked it out from our local library. It is a strong reminder of how important creativity, passion, compassion, trust and focus plays throughout our lives and art.

I am buying the book today.


PS -- Any suggestions on some other good reads?
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dave walbridge
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Default Inspiration for vaudevillians

I watched Bill Irwin's new PBS special --its amazing. Its about his life as a performer, time on broadway and his thoughts on getting older...Worth watching.

David Walbridge
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le pire
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Default workshops

workshops-- especially the LONG ones are a great place to develop new material.

I recently worked (separately) with John Gilkey and Mookie (both former Cirque du Soleil clowns) and it was freaking amazing. The workshops were both less than a week so although it was great exploratory work, there was no time to develop actual routines.

I've worked with Avner "the Eccentic" Eisenberg and he lives up to his reputation as a genius. He now runs the Celebration Barn and has a great program for developing material.

A few years ago I took a month long clown workshop with Phillippe Gaulier in London (I hear he's in Paris now) and it changed my work COMPLETELY.

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le pire
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Default fool moon

just obtained a bootleg DVD of Bill Irwin & David Shiner's "Fool Moon." I saw it live in 1993 and it changed my life and watching it now again I see why. It's flat out one of the most brilliant shows ever to hit Broadway.

Irwin's "Regard of Flight" is also an inspired work of genius.
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Butterfly Man
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Clown Avner "the Anomalous"?

Avner "the Eccentric" Eisenburg is currently finishing up his workshop here in Hawaii at the new S.P.A.C.E pavilion down at Bellyacres.

The man has a great eye ... and, more importantly, has an amazing ability to impart information to his students.

Everyone in the class is ecstatic about what they have learned so far.

As one of his students so aptly put it … he is giving us “nuggets of gold”.

If you want to discover your “clown” or just tweak the nose you already have, then I could not think of a better teacher.

P.S. Honestly though, compared to the rest of us, is he really all that “eccentric”?
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