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Butterfly Man
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Embarrassed my mother said it best ...

"Bobby, you could have been at least a dentist."
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Old 02-17-08, 02:08 PM   #22
Rachel Peters
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Has anyone else ever gotten Crazy Glue on their tongue?
It feels horrible. Really horrible.
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.
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Old 02-19-08, 10:47 PM   #23
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You know, I think that I could almost make it, if I didn't lack grace, finesse and talent.


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Old 02-27-08, 07:52 PM   #24
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Crazy Glue... yeah... I repaired a set of fake teeth with the stuff an hour before showtime... it didn't dry properly, and I spent 15 minutes desperately swilling saliva around my mouth trying to keep them from becoming a permanent fixture...
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Old 02-28-08, 11:21 AM   #25
jeep caillouet
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Default super glue

Any body that knows me knows that I've been super gluing my teeth in for years!
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