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Evan Young
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know anybody who uses this? Looks stupid to me, but who knows.

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Tom B
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Default gigmasters

I registered with this site and recieved one gig from it. 3 years now and only 1 gig. I will say that it was 1 gig I wouldnt have had otherwise.
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I just saw it today - to me, the problem with the site is that it lists "local" performers based on what membership level you buy - that is, spend the most and get listed as everyone's local performer. How many people are really going to their local website to spend $5,000 to fly someone in? If they've got big money, they call an agent. If they've got little money, knowing that the guy in NYC is willing to fly to them isn't going to get him the gig.

Allison Williams
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Default The local guy/gal

I advertise on - a site that is very similar to gigmasters.

I used to advertise on Partypop nationally, but I got a lot of calls from people who didn't want to pay me enough to cover travel & expenses.

So now I advertise just locally (Wisconsin & Illinois) and I get gigs in other states via my agents.

The bottom line is always money. Even if you are more talented, more experienced, more whatever, people will hire the local guy/gal because the local guy/gal is cheaper.
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Josh Casey
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Default partypop?

It's been awhile since this came up but thought I'd ask about it. Has anyone had any success using Party Pop or gigmasters etc? Party Pop gives you a free listing but to be "featured" with images, video links etc. it costs $180 for a local spot, $1600 nationally!

I'm curious if anyone gets calls just from the free listing and if anyone has had any luck with the payed spots.

Paying for the national spot does seem like it would make less sense for the reasons already discussed.

I suppose if you get one extra gig a year from the site then you're covered. Thoughts?

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never see you on here. I've gotten some response from my free listing on party pop, but it's always crappy crap. I made my own site and beat partypop on search engine ranking for "los angeles juggler" that has helped me more, but not much.

party poop must help someone, cause people do pay.

You should also look into google adsense and google adwords. You'll prolly get some more focussed hits. If you can master the way people search and click, you could own the web.
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Josh Casey
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I actually just signed up for the free listing the other day so have yet to see if I get any calls.

I think you're right about working the search engines. I've been doing a fair amount of research on how google ranks pages etc.

It gets pretty deep, mastering the search engines...

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Marcus Wilson
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Default My experience

I have been with Gig Masters a little over a year now.

Last year my numbers are as follows.

I booked 4 gigs.

A festival for $2000
A Christmas Show for $1500
A Christmas show for $250
A New Years Eve gig for $1400

Total I brought in $5150

I paid $249 for the membership.
Booking Fees
$75 for the Festival
$50 For the First Christmas Show
$20 for the Second Christmas Show
$50 for the New Years Eve Show

Total for the year I paid $444 (about 8.6% of what I brought in)
After Paying Gig Masters I made $4706 for the year

(The booking fee is 5% with a $20 minimum and you can list some of the fee as travel expense which you don't have to pay a booking fee on.)

Since I have joined I have had 175 Gig Request I would say that about 90% of these are crap. By crap I mean a birthday party 2000 miles away, or we would love to have you come but we can only pay you a dollar and can you paint your head blue and wear a tutu while you do your show it fits our theme.

For me it is worth it. I would say I am really happy with the results. I know I'm not going to fill my whole schedule with this site and I don't think anyone would book a show that paid $10,000 for the night but for what I am after I have been happy with it.
Marcus Wilson
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Josh Casey
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Thanks for the inside scoop Marcus. Very interesting.
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