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The Renaissance Man
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Default Guestbooks for website

Have been busily augmenting the site, and want to put up a guestbook...anyone got any favorites or ones to avoid?
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guestbooks are an old idea and are a pain in the butt. You can get a google business listing where people can review your business, or linkedin, or just link to your myspace page where people can leave comments. I don't know what your goal is, but you may be better served by having a link on your site that says "email me whatever you're thinking"
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Butterfly Man
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Scot What was I thinking?

A guestbook is just asking for dumb comments from “fans”, isn’t it?

"Post your complaint here" should be sufficient.

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Rachel Peters
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Originally posted by scot
"email me whatever you're thinking"
...that fish soup i had for dinner isn't sitting well.
......i'm feeling a little lonely. left foot is cold.
Well, maybe I WILL just keep telling myself that.

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