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Default 'Magic Corner' James St Covent Garden

After a meeting with the authorities in regard of busking at 'Magic Corner' in Covent Garden, and in an effort to help keep the pitch, certain regs have been brought in by those who work there.

To present a unified face that shows the authorities that we can 'police' ourselves and not be a draw on their time...not perfect Im sure but its what is wit

Licenses( provided by us) are required as of the 1st of July as will be proof of PLI.

You will be provided with a nice wee laminated card, with your photograph(you supply the pic).

No clapping and cheering, as a crowd build

No amplification till after 5pm

And thats it...

Very basic, but it keeps the authorities happy and makes it look like we are doing something...oh and the road(James St) is being dug up from July till huh.

Vernon aka James james
Its only a trick...
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