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Bob Carr
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Default Different Draws.

I was explaining to a friend how Street Performers determine the order that we play and I was curious if there are any systems out there that I don't know about.

Line up or first come, first play
if there are three performers and you show up during one then you after the two that are waiting but before the show that is currently on.

First come first choose
in smaller locations where there is only one or two shows a day, the first artist there gets to pick the time he wants and the following choose after that or leave for another pitch.

Draws - happens at a predetermined time

Draw, names- Names are drawn from a hat and that is the order choice or the oder of play.

Draw, numbers- Each show in the hat draws a number and that determines the order of choice or play.

Pitch bitch- Comes late to draw and demands prime time.

Is that all the different systems?
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I have a great system where I work.
I turn up to the pitch and do a show, then I go home.
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Evan Young
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I've worked places where I get along with the other performers, and we all want everyone to do well, and we kind of just work it out based on that. By places I mean that's happened in one place and it was only two other performers and nobody was a nut job or on drugs.

and then there is the situation where I'm the only one willing to do the first show because I'm the only one willing to build my own crowd.

current pitch is management run and time slots are scheduled (a.k.a. not real street performing).

in the first place I worked ever the first one to leave a prop on the pitch at the begining of the day got to choose when they jump into the rotation. Otherwise it was the same as "first come, first play"

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The Amazing Beaumanz
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Default Pier 60

Here in Clearwater we are limited to the number of pitches. I place acts in spots I think best suits the festival and the performer. When I have more than 4 performers we do a lottery.

We are set up along a promenade next to a huge playground. Shows go in rotation and the crowds go from one to the other. Each show pitches the next.
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jeep caillouet
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Default key west

Bob, we have lottery system here. We also have a seniority system , the longer you've worked here the lower # you can pick and the better spot you can pick. You can start a show when you want just not when someone near you is in his or her hat lines. 30 minute shows pretty much enforced with 15 breaks between shows. We can work 2hours before sun set and 2hours after. If you have a complaint you can make it to the pier manager or to the performers committee. We also have an elected chair person elected by the performers that is a go between,between the pier manager and or C.P.S. and the performers which has been me for the last several years and before that it was Will Soto. Between the 2 of us we try to insure every performer has the guarantied rights of freedom of speech and expression . So come on down the weather is nice,we have good spots and their is plenty of good times to have .
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