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nick w
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Embarrassed amp can problem. please help

i bought a new ampcan whilst in london. then i flew to spain. of course i bought a little adapter to plug my ampcan into so that IT will be able to be plugged into the EU sockets.

heres the issue at hand

the red light came on, indicating that the battery is low, so i plug everything in, the little green light comes on near where it says charge, and i leave it overnight. next morning when i turn it on the light that was red does not go green. i figure it hasnt charged.

now, i might be just a dork and not realize that the red light i see is always red. but im pretty sure when i bought it it was green, then went red when the bat was low. the manuel even says it will do that.

so how can this be? am i just slow with electronics or is this some issue regarding the voltage/sockets/ bla bla bla.

a festival starts in a few days and it would be a bummer to not have my music.....

pleae help those with knowledge

thank you
nick w
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The challenge with the amp can is that the charger cord dies immediately - just hit an electronics store and buy a replacement charger cord.

I found it hilarious actually, that I heard about this problem and then went to a festival where everyone had their amp plugged in in the green room - and every amp had an aftermarket cord.
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nick w
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thanks Isabella. but if the charge cord is broken, why would the green light under ¨charge¨come on when plugged in?¿

i´ve been told finding a replacement cord can be hard. but i havent looked.
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nick w
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Default problem solved

the battery it came with was no good. i bought another one and now its cool.
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